Un amor que la injusticia ha separado, pero no ha podido romper.

Un amor que la injusticia ha separado, pero  no ha podido romper.

A gift

My love,
Valentine’s Day is coming and, once more, we remain apart; every year we say
the same thing, this year will be the last!

I wish
to wake up by your side and hug you as most couples will do; of them, I am envious
today. A right we have been deprived of for a long time; more than fourteen
years without kissing you, touching you, settling for only listening to your
voice on a phone call whenever possible, a postcard or some detail thanks to your
characteristic creativity and to the solidary support of those who manage to get
a smile of happiness out of us.

As I was
going over some papers and photographs, I took time to observe the last
pictures we took on my birthday, in January 1998, and I couldn’t stop thinking
of how happy we were at the time, our eyes said it all.

Where is
my spring? Where has the sun hidden that forgot my garden, that my soul
withered? Like the song goes.

surprised myself dreaming you were free already, back home with me, and in a
big hug I asked you not to let me alone again. Be on time!, as you usually say.

why on this day of happiness, romance and gifts, I do not find a better present
for you than to offer you my future, since you are already the owner of my past
and my present.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Please, come back soon, I need you,
I love you.


Your bonsai,


February 7th, 2012



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